oOh! offers advertising across the biggest and widest range of shopping centres in Australia.

We can tailor solutions for any requirement, or advertisers can buy by precinct using our LIFE, LIFESTYLE, STYLE or BROADCAST packs.

For the ultimate flexibility and access, these packs offer our ShopaLites and ShopaLives at three weights per precinct– light, medium or heavy.

To understand LIFE, LIFESTYLE and STYLE precincts, you first need to understand our centre types – NEED, WANT and DESIRE mindsets which are influenced by whether the shopper is in a LOCAL, MEDIUM or LARGE centre.

LIFE packs

80% of display will feature in the most relevant areas to ‘LIFE’  – where you can expect to find supermarkets, liquor stores, chemists and banks.

20% will feature in LIFESTYLE precinct. These packs display across our entire NEED, WANT & DESIRE centre portfolio.

Combine your LIFE ShopaLives and ShopaLites pack with ShopaBanners for optimised supermarket targeting.


80% of display will feature in the most relevant areas to ‘LIFESTYLE’ – where you can expect to find discount department stores, fashion outlets, electronics stores, phone shops, cinemas and food courts.

20% will feature in LIFE & STYLE precincts. These packs display across WANT & DESIRE centres.

Combine your LIFESTYLE pack of ShopaLives and ShopaLites with our ENTICE network of landscape digital assets, positioned in high dwell time locations to increase reach and frequency in WANT & DESIRE centres.

STYLE packs

80% of display will feature in the most relevant areas to ‘STYLE’ – where you can expect to find department stores, beauty outlets, high fashion and designer boutiques.

20% will feature in LIFESTYLE precinct. These packs only display in DESIRE centres.

Combine your STYLE pack of ShopaLites & ShopaLives with our large format digital EVOKE panels to maximise impact in DESIRE centres.


Our network reaches two thirds of Australians every fortnight, and with our broadcast packs you can take advantage of this huge reach to deliver messages to your audience with optimised efficiency. Combine this mass reach with higher recall than other OOH formats, a positive mindset and an audience that is primed to spend, and you have an extremely potent medium for your message.

We can also tailor bespoke campaigns to your specific requirements. Our portfolio extends to non-standard formats – including static atrium banners, door decals & lift decals – the perfect way to bring to life any non-standard campaign.

Whichever way you choose to buy oOh! Retail, we have proof that the channel drives great ROI.


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