We help brands grow by connecting them to audiences through experiences. As part of oOh!media, our experiential marketing and integrated media brand solutions leverage unrivalled partnerships and scale.

Make your brand Unmissable with oOh!Edge.

We’re Your Experiential Partner

oOh!Edge is your full-service experiential marketing agency.

Our expertise includes:

  • Creative, strategy, planning and execution
  • Audience and location knowledge
  • Integrated online and offline brand experiences at scale
  • 15+ years experience across all categories, audiences and locations

Work with us to benefit from our:

  • Data & Insights team
  • Experience designers
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Content & social experts
  • oOh!media content and media platforms

Looking For New Customers?

We engage new customers for brands through experiences.

We curate and deliver diverse experiences, no two are the same. On any given day, we could be:

  • Curating an escape room to challenge youth across Australia
  • Working with our in-house editors on a brand content series
  • Partnering with iconic Australian locations so office workers can experience pouring their own beer
  • Capturing and sharing shoppers surprise at a luxurious champagne bar
  • Helping Australian travellers improve their day based on the mood they are in

Some campaigns run across many states and locations, others can run for a day and be by invite only. Despite their uniqueness, they all create deeper connections with audiences for your brand.

Partnerships & Relationships

Our unrivalled oOh! partnerships and knowledge help deliver brand and Australian firsts.

We help brands engage with:

  • Travellers, by leveraging our long-term Qantas partnership
  • Office workers, via our Office and Commute network, relationships and owned content platforms
  • Shoppers, thanks to our industry-leading shopping centre partners
  • Youth, as we work with Junkee, our youth platforms and national campus partners
  • Festival and event-goers, as sponsors or exhibitors

Making your brand memorable by creating unique experiences is possible thanks to our exclusive partnerships and relationships.

What experience is right for your brand

Wondering if experiential could benefit your brand marketing strategy?

If so, the next step is to work out which type of experience would meet your brand objective and make your brand memorable. To help you get started we’ve listed three popular types of experience:

  • Exchange Experience: where brands will give audiences something if they receive a window/action from them.
  • Connection Experience: where brands want to link to an audience or associate themselves with something ie. sponsorship, event, emotion.
  • Personal Experience: where brands allow audiences to create the experience, actively showing them what the brand would be like/add to their lives.

We appreciate no two brands are the same so no two experiential campaigns will be either. However, after working out which type of experience will help grow your brand, oOh!Edge can conceptualise, experience design, plan, produce and optimise your experiential investment as part of your marketing strategy.

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