oOh!Pen Season

While some channels hibernate in Summer, Out of Home celebrates! 

It’s time to spring into Summer with oOh! as we shine a light on everything worth cheering about between November and January.

oOh!Pen Season is a celebration of everything Summer.  It’s the long days, warm nights and countless events that see Australians spending more time Out Of Home than any other period.

Its days at the beach, road trips along the coast and shopping sprees.

With 86% of Australians feeling happier during Summer*, oOh! connects, engages and influences people with a positive mindset throughout the period.

So contact oOh!media to learn how you can spring into Summer and be even more unmissable this year.

The science of Summer

Be Unmissable this Summer!

Through the innovative application of industry leading data, research and insights, oOh! DataScience powers more relevance and better delivery for advertisers.

Offering advertisers more than 500+ specific audiences based on demographic, psychographic and buyergraphic behaviours; when it comes to oOh!pen season we can ensure that your Summer campaign is optimised and delivered to the right audience across our 35,000+ locations.

Supported by our range of data partners including Quantium, D-Spark, Indometrics, OMA MOVE, Nielsen CMV and Geotribes / Emma, our SMART Reach tool is able to deliver relevant audiences, matched to location, and optimised at scale throughout the Summer period.


The Open Awards

Recognising all the good that happens Out of Home

This year, as part of oOh!Pen Season, we have launched a new recognition platform to recognise and celebrate the great work that individuals in the media and marketing industry do to help others in public spaces.

With up to 4 awards, $1 MILLION media and a TRIP TO DAYDREAM ISLAND up for grabs head over to the Open Awards page now to find out more!