Targeting youth away from home. oOh! has strategically positioned digital and static inventory in universities to reach students in high dwell time environments.

  • Study reaches one third of Australia’s 18-24 year olds and 1 in 4 18-29 year olds weekly
  • One Study panel engages 93% of students weekly
  • Students are twice as likely to be open to brand trial and new products
  • 78% often talk about products they see advertised on campus with friends
  • 94% of students take action as a result of ads they’ve seen on campus
  • Tertiary students spend a massive 17.5 hours weekly on campus, with at least 5.5hrs passing time in common areas
  • Over 75% say oOh! Study is a more relevant place to find out about products than other media

Source: Nielsen CMV Survey 1 2013 / Toluna Research for oOh! Study 2010