A new study of advertising return on investment (ROI) reveals that best results come when campaign mix includes Out Of Home along with television and digital media.

According to the Analytic Partners ROI Benchmarks study, commissioned by oOh!media, advertisers can enjoy up to 26% additional returns when combining Out Of Home with their TV and Digital media activity.

This compares favourably to other media mixes, such as Digital and TV only or Digital, TV and Magazines which provides additional incremental ROI of 21% and 22% respectively.

The ROI Benchmarks study is the largest market mix modelling study undertaken in Australia to help advertisers better plan their media spend. It is based on 14 years of data from more than 250 econometric studies created for more than 135 brands with a combined advertising spend in excess of $7 billion.

The study, led by Analytic Partners Vice President Paul Sinkinson, also found:

• oOh!’s total portfolio of assets in drive-by, walk-by and stand-by environments delivered an ROI of 16% more than that delivered by Television;

• Place-based media, such as Locate by oOh!’s office tower and cafes, is the best performing Out Of Home format, delivering 56% more ROI than TV, followed by oOh! retail, which drives 48% greater ROI, and then experiential, airports and Roadside billboards which is almost on par with television (98%, 95% and 93% respectively); and,

• Using multiple oOh! formats boosts ROI incrementally. The combination of roadside billboards and oOh!’s retail offering delivers 7.3% return and the combination of experiential with oOh! retail panels adds a further 7% return.