Gain access to some of the most sought after and visible sites in the country.

  • Reach 83.3% of Australians each month
  • Drivers spend 7.5hrs in the car making on average 10 trips weekly
  • 88% say brands on billboards stand out
  • On shopping trips, 76% of drivers are relaxed and open to finding out about new products and services
  • 72% of Australians travel on roads to and from work, compared to 15% who catch the train
  • oOh! represents 95% of regional roadside inventory
  • 74% see billboards every day/several times a week
  • oOh! has over 4,200 big billboards
  • Dominant presences across all capital cities and metropolitan areas
  • oOh! is the only supplier to provide truly national roadside solutions
  • Premium assets located at the gateway to Australia’s airports
  • oOh! is only outdoor media company in Australia to cover over 90% of key arterial roads across the 5 major metropolitan markets

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