oOh!’s exclusive partnership with Quantium –  a global leader in data science and artificial intelligence, represents an Australian first in actual consumption-based audience targeting for advertisers.

The partnership provides advertisers with the capability to target audiences based on Quantium’s world class customer transaction and behavioural datasets to deliver optimised solutions across oOh!’s national network.

Whether you’re a chocolate brand trying to tap into new purchase occasions, a premium car brand launching a new model, a dog food company releasing a new variant, or a technology brand starting a conversation with early adopters, oOh! can target the most relevant audience nationally to drive business outcomes.

With full visibility of  customer spend and behaviour covering 80% of the Australian population, oOh! provides advertisers with the confidence to identify and optimally target the right audience, at the right time, and the right place at scale.



900 billion data points including billions of anonymised transactions across FMCG, Retail and Services industries, capturing the spend and behaviour of 80% of Australian households at a customer level


Over 250 big data analysts and engineers, and millions of hours of data cleansing and curation with insights aligned to ABS trends and trusted by government bodies

Industry-leading data privacy protection and governance standards, drawing on 16 years spent perfecting privacy-by-design and secure-by-design principles

Audience Segmentation:

400+ audience segments (Q.Segments) based on actual purchase behaviour, as well as behaviour and life stage based segments

Audience Exposed:

Audience segments directly linked the customer exposure of 20,000+ individual panels, based on analysis of the movement behaviour of those who travel past each panel

Consistent Metrics:

Consistent metrics across all formats, all panels, all time periods and all locations. For the first time offering alignment of metrics across all major OOH formats

Campaign Optimisation:

Optimised ad placement and audience delivery based on target audience and campaign objectives

Whether an audience segment lives in metro cities or regional hubs; whether they spend their time in cafés, pubs or shopping centres; whether they fly Qantas or Jetstar – the purchasing behaviour of the spending population of Australia is now linked to the audience of oOh!’s network, allowing dynamic and optimised campaigns that are truly audience-led.