MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) simplifies the planning and buying of OOH by producing audience measurement results for any combination of formats or tailored packages

Measuring metropolitan audiences across Roadside, Airport and Retail environments, MOVE enhances the standard measurement of target audiences and Opportunity To See (OTS) by reporting the active audiences through Likelihood To See (LTS).

LTS accounts for a number of visibility factors; values assigned to either the advertising face itself or the person passing the face within different audience environments. Visibility factors include the individual’s mode of transportation, speed and viewing location, as well as face metrics such as visual size to the audience and illumination.

As well as providing results numerically, an inbuilt mapping functionality visually displays the reach of a campaign against the chosen demographic and market(s)

MOVE is provided by the Outdoor Media Association and is the official provider of audience measurement data for the Australian Out Of-Home industry.

It is endorsed by the MFA and AANA.

Impacting nearly every Australian each week:

  • oOh! Road, Retail and Fly have the potential to reach 95% of metro Australians 14+ yrs weekly
  • oOh! measured formats deliver 79 million contacts daily

Source: MOVE AMS 2016