oOh! commissioned The Seed to better understand consumers in regional Australia areas, including their travel and shopping patterns and consumption of billboards. The regional population is growing, with over 36% of Australian’s living in regional areas.

Regional Australia is a valuable audience, more than half of the regional population are executives and regional Australian’s have higher disposable income than their city counterparts.

Most live in 1 of the 3 major regional hubs of rural towns, regional/medium centres, major urban/large centres.

oOh! Road provides the only access to this highway system, using strategic billboard placement.

Key Findings:

Travel patterns:

  • Regional Australian’s rely heavily on their car, with 98% using cars for their daily journeys and most driving alone.
  • Regional Australian’s cover up to 200km a day driving with 59% traveling to their nearest town weekly.
  • Shopping is the biggest driver of trips.

About Billboards:

Regional Australian’s have high exposure to billboards, with 67% claiming to have seen billboards in the past week.

  • 53% agree they remind me of brands/products seen advertised on TV
  • 46% say billboards bring new products and information to my attention
  • 40% believe that billboards are an effective way for advertisers to reach me
  • 40% say that there aren’t too many billboards around so they stand out

The study covered campaign recall across various categories, with up to 80% recall for some advertisers.

Billboards in regional Australia offer the opportunity for advertisers to cut through and differentiate their brand.

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Quantitative study: 1233 online interviews amongst regional Australians