oOh! commissioned The Seed to provide fresh insights into the attitudes and behaviours of consumers within the shopping centre environment, including the role of retail signage.

Stage 1 Qualitative:

27 accompanied shopping trips totalling 50hrs with shoppers in their local shopping centres.

This provided in-depth exploration into the attitudes and behaviours of consumers towards the ‘shopping centre experience’.

Stage Two Quantitative:

Online study of 750 shoppers from 153 shopping centres nationally.

Key Findings:

Attitudes and Drivers:

People’s attitudes to shopping vary according to a range of factors which influence purchase decisions.

The key drivers influencing shopper attitudes are:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Habit
  • Enjoyment

These drivers apply to all shoppers, of which the study identified several profiles, including The Chore Hater, The Re-Stocker, The Responsible Provider, The Bargain Hunter and The My Time Seeker.

Shoppers move between identified shopper profiles or types, depending on the occasion.

Purchase decision making:

Understanding how purchase decisions vary by product category.

The average shopper seldom knows exactly what they want to buy before they enter the shopping centre.

  • 64% usually or always take a shopping list with them.
  • On average this is 8.9 additional items in the basket that were not originally on the shopping list!

Understanding shoppers attitudes to purchase decisions making is key for brands wanting to get on the shopping list.

The study identified 5 decision making approaches from “always brands” “sometimes brands” “any brands” “home brands” to “impulse and unplanned purchases”

Role of retail signage:

Shoppers notice advertising signage, what their attitudes towards them, and what messaging is most engaging.

62% of MGB’s notice the advertising signage.

  • 62% of MGBs agree that it “tells me about an offer or promotion available in store”
  • 58% of MGBs agree that it “tells me something new about a product”
  • 50% of MGBs agree that it “provides me with a reminder of a TV campaign”

Simple, eye catching creative that clearly identifies the brand and provides a sense of familiarity were generally best received.

Specific brand strategies:

The study helped identify specific brand strategies for advertisers to consider, including:

  • Brand reinforcement
  • Brand news
  • Brand triggers
  • Brand offers

The shopping centre is undoubtedly a media destination in its own right. The right media in the right place, will influence consumers for your brand.

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