Engage with a diverse audience throughout their journey.

  • Flyers spend on average 70 minutes in the domestic terminal each journey
  • Flyers engage with every second ad they pass
  • 60% of Australian’s visit domestic airports annually
  • 80% of flyers are influenced by airport ads
  • 77% of flyers are open to finding out about new products and services at the airport
  • 62% of flyers are in senior roles
  • 84% of flyers earn above national average salary.
  • 61% of flyers are aged between 25 and 54
  • 85% of business travellers see advertising at multiple touch points
  • 63% believe brands in the airport are cutting edge
  • 83% see brands advertised in airports as market leading
  • 81% like to treat themselves to something special at the airport
  • 65% of travellers say brands advertised in airports are relevant to them
  • 60% of travellers fly more than twice a month
  • 1 in 2 flyers consider following up on an ad seen in airports

Source: oOh! Brandhook Airport Research 2014