Eye Tracking Research Study

oOh! are an inquisitive bunch and wanted to know more about how people consume away from home advertising. So we used advanced eye tracking technology to look through consumers’ eyes to measure visual engagement with our formats in airports, shopping centres and on campus.

The results from our studies show that while everybody engages with advertising, interaction is impacted by things like site movement (digital), size, height and angle, environment, and corridor type.

Eye Tracking confirms that people actively engage with away from home advertising and that by selecting the right solution, creative treatment, and format choice can attract some serious attention.

Key Highlights

  • In airports, people look at every 2nd ad they pass and they interact with each ad for an average of 2 seconds
  • In shopping centres, people look at every 2nd ad they pass, and half again will take a second look
  • On campus, one panel engages 93% of students weekly
  • Movement attracts attention: Digital formats generate 50% more engagement than static formats
  • Attention seeking behaviour: Over 70% of views to digital formats occur on the creative change
  • It’s what’s inside that counts: More time is spent viewing text and logos on static formats, whereas digital formats focus more attention on the image or product shot.
  • In your field of vision: 97% of viewing occurs when the site is front on, people don’t look if they have to look up.