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Office Media Solutions

Improve the ambience of your building with Office Media from oOh! Our stylish and modern suite of digital displays not only complements the office environment, but also engages tenants with interesting and informative content.

And the benefits don’t stop there! oOh!’s office solutions can also be used to generate income and improve internal communications with onscreen, real-time messaging.

We're Unmissable

Our Unmissable office network includes 3,500 digital advertising displays in 650+ prominent Australian office towers, engaging 1.4 million CBD professionals. Office Media from is tried and tested!

Source: Executive Channel Executive Lives online survey AU Nov 2015 collated by ‘The Clever Stuff’ n = 1,038  

of tenants notice the screens


discuss content with co-workers


look out for news and updates on screen


agree that digital screens improve their lift-waiting experience


Here’s a look at our different solutions:

Lobby media screens add to a building’s ambience, providing tenants and guests with dynamic content, including news, sport, weather and financial information. We also publish content from Australia’s premium lifestyle title, The Upsider, which provides in-depth local coverage of food, drink, arts, entertainment, style and travel.

You can also broadcast in-house communications securely to multiple digital platforms and customise content to ensure no tenant conflict. Third party advertising is an option, with revenue sharing making the screens capital-free and an income generator.

Plus, enjoy a national network of support technicians – ready to assist if required.

Lobby Media Screens

Enhance the look and feel of your building’s waiting areas with oOh!’s digital directory screens, designed to complement the building. No more static and outdated signage!

We remotely monitor all equipment, while you can easily make changes to content through our purpose-built online management tool.

Digital Directory

oOh! is  one of the largest media-enabled wi-fi network operator in Australia, with 300+ wi-fi hotspots across six cities and 100,000+ users per month. We supply office towers with a full proprietary hardware and software solution, which includes an advertising delivery platform.


In-lift screens improve the lift experience, entertaining and engaging tenants through bespoke content, while reducing wait time perceptions. oOh!’s in-lift screens are easy to manage, reliable and include internet connectivity.

In-lift Screens

Make a serious impact with these double-sided, 37mm deep, 1.8-metre high display screens. oOh!’s blade screen can be branded to suit the building and easily updated, while inside the unit is the provision for sound, CCTV, dual media players, wi-fi and optional 4G. It also comes with a custom-built trolley so the screen can be moved throughout the building as required.  

Blade Screen

Find out how Office Media from oOh! can benefit your building and business. Fill in your details and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

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