Open Season | Out of Home Advertising

I don’t disagree that there is a drop in audience across those traditional channels, however I do disagree that there is a drop in total media engagement opportunities.

An independent research study indicates that the average Australian is 3 times more likely to be away from home during this period.

I simply believe the awareness lost due to the behaviour of those traditional broadcast channels during this period is gained by the uplift in Out Of Home media vehicles.

We know you go through a process of understanding your product’s objectives and consumer’s behaviour.  This period, is therefore one of the strongest times of year for advertisers to be present in market. It is a key conversion period for the Automotive, Tourism, Entertainment, FMCG, Beverages and Retail categories while it is a key consideration time for almost all categories. The New Year is a time when consumers set new goals while having a break, and consider new products and brands.

Recently we put a simple survey out to market to 100 or so of you, our key agency partners with the large majority of you agreeing that during this period traditional channels are down, while 95% agreed consumers are more likely to be out of the house at that time of year.

However, when we review share in SMI there is no major dollar shift that represents this change of behaviour during this time of year. Amazingly the channels that are not performing at their best still take 72% of the cake. We now feel it is our responsibility, given our position to stand up for the industry.

It’s time the Out Of Home channel claims its Turf.  November to February is our Open Season.  It’s Out Of Home’s rating period.

I have therefore challenged our sales team, to speak to all of you and your clients and gain a far better understanding of your communication objectives over this period. In most cases, I believe our industry can provide you with an Out Of Home solution that can deliver those objectives in a far more effective way than traditional channels over this period.

Give us a chance to prove to you that Out Of Home is the lead traditional media at this time of year as well as have fun with the concept of us giving birth to an Out Of Home ratings period known as “Open Season.”