Melbourne Central played host to a huge event, holding the Ride Along 2 Australian Premiere – the first premiere they have held in a long time. To help promote the premiere and increase engagement with movie goers, Melbourne Central turned to oOh! to provide a digital display with integrated Instagram Social Feed.

The campaign was extremely time critical – running for one day only, commencing at 5pm. As the only creative on the screen for the duration of the premiere, the advertising served up fresh, dynamic content to an audience completely enamoured by seeing their name up in lights. This created a new level of talk-ability and a lasting memory for patrons, as well as a social media presence beyond the premiere itself as users continues to share the images.

This type of execution is very simple to implement, with the client simply setting up the template, and oOh! taking care of the set up, testing, scheduling and implementation of the feed.

Campaign Highlights
Campaign duration 1 day
Production lead time 3 weeks
Social media posts 826