Bring your product to life by recreating it in 3D!

Pepsi’s putting a 3D sparkle into its latest shopping centre campaign.

Featuring 20 special 3D vacuum moulded Pepsi cans protruding from our ShopaLites at a number of key locations as an integral part of the launch of Pepsi Next.

The 3D mould went through multiple stages of prototyping in order to achieve the final product shape, colour and finish. The actual Pepsi can product label artwork was supplied and then tweaked it to suit the 3D mould.

The plastic for the two ends of the can were screen printed before being moulded to ensure they were scratch resistant and had a shiny chrome finish with the label being printed on a gloss vinyl. When applied to the can the vinyl is heated to allow it to conform to the shape of the can.

The 20 3D moulds were designed so they can be reused and will appear on a total of 40 ShopaLites nationally.