oOh!’s digital formats drove product trial for Nestlé’s new non-alcoholic beverage product amongst early adopters.


People 18-24 years and young fashionable females.


In a relevant environment, Nestlé looked to make their new 3-in-1 coffee product top of mind among students and young females, tapping into their desire for a drink on the go.


oOh! understood that almost three quarters of students buy beverages on campus weekly. oOh!’s Study network helped Nestlé create top of mind awareness amongst the core demographic. oOh! Retail took Nestlé’s product into the realm of fashionable young females, catching their target in premium shopping environments. Overall Nestlé utilised over seventy digital panels and two WIFI panels to generate interest and drive product trials.


Driving product curiosity

The landing page was visited a total of 9,139 times and people visited on average twice over the campaign period.

Connecting with students

Where WIFI is common, 43% of students chose to use the Nescafe WIFI offer.