oOh! Retail was used to extend the message of an established brand with a strong mascot, driving new product trial and in store sales.


Female Main Grocery Buyers 25-54yrs.


In a category most people dread having to deal with, Mortein needed to grab consumer’s attention closer to the point of purchase to encourage interaction and remind them to buy. The challenge presented to oOh! was the brand’s critical need to convert awareness to sales and stop the drop between couch and supermarket.


To convert brand awareness to sales, oOh! Retail provided animated DigiLites positioned in proximity to the supermarket. Mortein were able to target consumers who spend more time in larger centres grocery shopping, by interrupting their journey and mindset close to the cash register.

Other media: TV, radio and online.


Extend the message to activate brand strength

Over half (54%) recalled the oOh! Retail campaign and 91% agreed Mortein provides a solution for all pest control needs (+7% post campaign).

Trigger the impulse to try a new product & interact with the brand

Claimed usage of the new product increased +21% post campaign and 1 in 3 intended to vote online to kill or save Louie the Fly.

Maximise proximity to purchase to drive sales

The Mortein product range saw average unit sales increase +67% in stores where advertising was present, this was 31% higher than the increase in stores where no advertising was present.