Put your product on display and attract extra attention with a showcase special build!

A showcase special build can be used to encourage shoppers to discover your product or house other 3D objects to add impact to your Retail campaign.

The showcase special build depicted a ShopaLite being broken into by people with spoons to try and get to the Crunchy Nut cereal because ‘the trouble is they taste too good’.

To create the special build, the internals of the ShopaLite were removed, a giant cereal box was suspended and a custom-made door was installed. The acrylic on the door was moulded around the spoons and cracks were added to the acrylic to create the damaged effect from people trying to break in.

The campaign included special builds in 15 centres across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The ShopaLites were placed at high traffic locations en-route to the supermarket.