Estée Lauder was in need of an injection of sparkle. oOh! Road dramatically shifted brand perception, drove awareness and increased instore sales post campaign.


Females 35-54yr.


In the highly competitive beauty and cosmetics industry, Estée Lauder needed big impact to create hype around a new product launch and stay top of mind on the path to purchase.


Using premium landmark locations to match the brands quality positioning, oOh! Road enhanced television activity to announce the new product. oOh! Retail connected the campaign, targeting consumers in a fashion mindset in key lifestyle precincts in proximity to department stores.

Other media: TV, magazines and online; test and control design.


Be bold to drive brand fame

Product awareness increase by +76% in the test market post campaign (vs. control market).

Entice audiences to rediscover Estée Lauder

Twice as many people felt close to the brand and +62% viewed the brand as younger post campaign.

Close the sale by reminding them to buy

Not only was the increase in consideration to buy +66% higher in the test market, in store sales were up 27% post campaign.