The airport environment is highly suited for advertising new car models. oOh!’s media campaign significantly improved Nissan’s brand perceptions and future purchase consideration.


People, 25-44 years.


In a competitive automotive market Nissan’s campaign strove to be bold and align its brand perceptions with being exciting, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. The campaign also needed to drive awareness and purchase consideration for the two advertised models.


Nissan leveraged the premium airport environment to improve overall brand status. The high dwell time within airport precincts allowed the target audience to learn about Nissan’s car models and its features whilst waiting for their flight. oOh! Fly digital and static sites created impact in a relaxed and open environment reminding the target audience what the brand stands for.

Improving brand perception

2/3rds of the target group stated their opinion of Nissan changed positively after viewing the airport ad. Brand imagery across all key metrics improved significantly. As a result, those who viewed the ad were 6x more likely to promote the brand and 2.5x more likely to consider purchasing the car brands advertised.

Driving action

The campaign encouraged talk amongst peers, with a quarter claiming to visit Nissan’s website or using a search engine for further information. 7% of the audience contacted a dealership as a result of viewing this ad.

Generating awareness:

Fly sites were perceived as eye-catching and successfully delivered the main message of both ads. As a result, the campaign produced strong recognition with 30% recalling at least one of the two advertised car models at the airport.