At oOh! we believe good environmental management equals good business.

Our Street Furniture is designed with a life cycle of at least 20 years in mind, and we maintain them free of charge to councils. As part of our sustainability-focused approach to business, we have embarked on a decade-long quest to find sustainable energy sources for our 13,000+ bus shelters. Now, more than 4,000 of our shelters operate with solar power only. In fact, we have the largest number of solar power installations on street furniture in Australia.

We have also innovated how we light shelters by making a proactive investment in low energy outdoor LED lighting systems. All lighting within our designs is low energy LED. We are also retrofitting LED lighting across our existing locations.

This enterprising combination of the best in solar and LED technology along with improved battery power means that our bus shelters are completely self-sustainable.

But we didn’t stop there. We have also found a way to clean them sustainably. Using highly purified water and a reverse osmosis system, we have both eliminated the need for cleaning chemicals and improved the cleaning process, making each job five minutes quicker to complete. That’s a saving of 29,000 cleaning hours each year!

In 2016, oOh! worked with Suez Australia to find a recycling solution for broken glass. The safety glass we use for all our bus shelters shatters into small, safe parts, which at the time, was non-recyclable. Through collaboration with Suez, we trialled the repurposing of this glass into road base construction products. By doing this we have set a new best practice for managing glass waste now and into the future.

And that’s not all. We also use Cactus Imaging smart skins on our billboards. These are the only 100 per cent recyclable billboard skins available, produced with 100 per cent polyethylene, saving our hard wood trees in the process. That’s a win-win for the environment and sustainability.


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