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We’re committed to providing advertisers with optimal solutions to your campaign objectives, helping you make better informed media decisions and providing the most effective audience delivery. 

Our newest planning tool oOh! Powered by Quantium is a reputable example of this commitment.

In 2012, oOh! chartered a new focus, making a commitment to our customers and ourselves to become a truly data-driven, audience-led business. 

Since then, oOh! has been driving the charge in turning Out of Home into a data rich medium. We’ve invested in technology, robust audience profiling tools, research that uses real data and partnerships with leading data providers – including Quantium. 

A data-driven mission

A data and audience led approach to Out of Home media planning has arrived, with oOh!’s market-leading planning tool. 

Powered by Quantium data, advertisers can now target purchase based audiences with precision to identify new targeting opportunities, and minimise wastage.

Partnering with Quantium

Our Quantium data partnership has given us the ability to plan with precision. By overlaying Quantium’s transactional and customer profiling data across oOh!'s 20,000 Out of Home locations we can help advertisers target audiences like never before.

The partnership has allowed us to move from demographic planning to purchase-based (buyergraphic) targeting, with market-leading capabilities to deeply understand and target audiences.

It’s this partnership that underpins oOh!'s leadership in providing data-driven, audience-led solutions for our clients. Allowing us to focus on real data and real audiences – so advertisers can optimise media spend and minimise wasted targeting.

Out of Home media planning with precision

We presented the oOh! Powered by Quantium planning tool at the Mumbrella Retail Summit in late February. It was here that, alongside Quantium, we shared insightful retail and FMCG industry trends and showed the tool in action – proving how it is by far the most effective media planning tool in the market.

For some time, we’ve been validating the tool against our current planning process and the results are significant. We’re excited and proud to release the oOh! Powered by Quantium planning tool to the market and allow advertisers to tap into its benefits.

How it works:

  • Quantium uses a sample of 11 million Australians and 360+ Qsegments (encompassing customer profile types, brand preferences and spending patterns).
  • Quantium matches their buyergraphic segments from Banking and Supermarket data  with oOh!s 20,000+ locations around Australia.
  • Media schedules are optimised for advertisers, targeting your desired Qsegment based on your particular category and objective.

oOh! Powered by Quantium guarantees advertisers...

  • More targeted using buyergraphics
  • Optimised planning across the oOh! network
  • 30%+ increase in audience delivery on average¹

¹Source: oOh! Powered by Quantium, average uplift in Q segment Reach delivery vs. Traditional Planning tools

Capitalise on oOh!'s new planning tool powered by Quantium.

Download Quantium’s 360+ Qsegments so you can begin planning your next campaign.

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