In this data-driven age, we want to help our customers make better informed media decisions, which is why we’re continuing to invest in technology, audience profiling tools and partnerships with leading data providers.

As presented at recent industry events, we have unique data and insights to share about the Chinese traveller audience. Captured through roaming data and a national portfolio, we now have the targeting capabilities to reach and engage with this lucrative audience.

We’ve teamed up with mobility intelligence company DSpark to provide marketers with some of the most unique insights into an emerging, $11.7 billion a year audience: 

The Chinese traveller.

The Chinese traveller: 


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Through our access to DSpark’s roaming Telco data, oOh! can accurately locate and track Chinese travellers throughout their journey in Australia. This means we can target them across our network of classic and dynamic assets - well beyond just airports.

From this data, we’ve collected a vast array of insights, never before made available, that will help you actively reach and engage one of Australia’s most lucrative audience segments.

Check out how the oOh! network can target this valuable and ever-growing audience in their journey:

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