CONNECT Platform – National network

Edge’s exclusive Connect Platform, with our in House Brand Ambassadors, specialise in engaging, educating and selling to audiences. These modular units were built in collaboration with retail, airport, office and study locations to ensure they complied with all requirements. If you have a short lead time or budget does not allow capital investment than our national ‘Connect Platform’ network is ideal.

Brand R&L Pathway

Edge’s exclusive ‘Radial and Linear’ Brand Pathway have experiential at the core and integrate digital signage to immerse audiences and drive consideration, optimising the location and investment.

Bespoke experiential solutions

Bespoke experiential solutions deeply engage consumers, deliver on brand objectives and drive category and business growth.

Multi Locations

Edge knows audiences and locations. A key strength is being able to tailor brand experiences to many locations within a single campaign.

In-house Brand Ambassadors

Edge have an in-house national team of brand ambassadors. All ambassadors are trained on our GREAT® Process and are directly managed by our state based people managers.

Instore & Sampling

Edge are experienced in both wet and dry sampling Instore , In-mall and Outdoor. We work with all channels nationally to manage instore, in-mall and outdoor sampling campaigns.


New to the Edge portfolio is our partnership with Fostered who created WALL. WALL is a collaboration between a brand and an artist to deliver a truly original response to a creative piece. The WALL combines the best of Edge’s location access and experiential experience with Fostered’s strengths in artist management.

EXCITE Screen portfolio

Dynamic technology – oOh!’s EXCITE screens have unrivalled sensory features that lure shoppers to deeply engage with advertisers via the panel and integrate the campaign with online, mobile and social media.

The power-packed technologies of the EXCITE network include: multi-touch screen; Kinect 2.0 gesture control; voice recognition; web-cam; audio and 4G connection


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