Airport Media Advertising


Longreach is our premiere terminal asset, sitting alongside the Qantas logo and reaching 100% of departing passengers. With flight information display on either side of the panel and premium single face digital display, Longreach commands attention and elevates brand status.


The equivalent to a terminal’s ‘high-street’, Boulevard features high impact landscape displays at locations throughout the main walkways. Designed for multiple impacts, these large scale landscape digitals connect with passengers en-route to club lounges, boarding gates and retail precincts. Available nationally.


Metro Executive provides brands with a platform to target the complete passenger journey. A high frequency network of portrait digital displays, impact at all stages of the journey – From curb side to airside, lounges and retail precincts, Metro Executive panels are strategically placed to remind and reinforce throughout the passenger experience. Available nationally.


Enterprise panels are high impact landscape displays located at the entry points to the Qantas Club and Business Lounges.


Qantas Club and Business Lounges packages provide a unique an end to end, multi-screen brand experience, designed to enhance the Qantas customer’s experience.

Incorporating a key terminal asset along with 25 Club or 15 in-lounge Business screens, oOh! have developed ‘QView’ – a news and entertainment platform designed to entertain and inform. 45 seconds of news headlines interspersed with 15 second dynamic ad placement as well as online opportunities on QView on mobile, tablet or laptop provide customer benefits such as a free news service and personalised go to gate boarding calls.


100% of arriving passengers en-route to the exit and baggage claim are exposed to these Landscape displays. With an extended viewing distance and placement at key ‘funnel’ points, Touchdown is viewed head on and are an ideal way to impact consumers with localised messaging or reinforcing messaging at both ends of the journey. Available nationally.


Collect & Connect TV provides a 4 minute content and advertising loop, driving deep engagement through localised content, news, sport and weather updates as well as having full TVC compatible for advertisers to impact the 70% of passengers who check baggage. With 12 minutes average dwell time, brands can now access a high value audience who are predominantly light TV viewers, without the audience being able to switch off, fast forward or mute.


External billboards surrounding the airport create an invaluable touch point upon passenger arrival or departure. Placed in key locations, these sites are impossible to miss. Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Launceston.