From today, advertisers will be able to bring meaningful interactive content into any environment they choose with oOh!media launching the Mobile Excite network- the next evolution of their interactive retail network.

Boasting the latest 4k ultra high definition screens, oOh!’s Mobile Excite network features the same sensory capabilities that saw their retail centre counterparts awarded Best Use of Technology/Innovation at the Outdoor Media Association’s Creative Collection Awards in 2016.

Excite panel features include multi-touch screen; Kinect 2.0 gesture control; voice recognition; web-cam; audio and 4G connection.

NAB will be the first brand to use the Mobile Excite network for a campaign, with panels being placed in four branches across Sydney and Melbourne for all of May.

The campaign will show branch visitors “moments of truth” video vignettes and encourage them to download a NAB property report with real time data that can be sent directly to their phone or email address.

Blair Hamilford, Group Director – oOh! Retail, said that the Mobile Excite network provides advertisers with an opportunity to engage their audience on a whole new level.

“The average two-week retail Excite campaign generates over 30,000 interactions so we know the interactivity of the screens creates a massive level of cut-through in busy environments.

“What we’re able to do with the Mobile Excite network is achieve that same level of interactivity and engagement for an audience in virtually any environment an advertiser wants.

“Whether it be a bank branch, sporting stadium, airport or office building we’ve untethered the limitations on where these meaningful brand interactions can take place, meaning brands can now be in any environment they choose. The only requirement is a power outlet.

“Placing the screens in environments like NAB branches means that brands can provide experiences with deeper engagement for a captured audience.”

Michael Nearhos, NAB General Manager of Brand Experience, said NAB was always looking at ways to improve the customer experience.

“We’re excited to be the first brand to use this new technology as a way to enhance the experience in our branches,” said Mr Nearhos.

“With the Mobile Excite campaign we’re able to combine interactive technology with content that’s useful to our customers which then gives our bankers the chance to engage them in more meaningful conversations.”

The Mobile Excite campaign will be supported in 15 retail centres with oOh!l’s digital ShopaLive panels.


For more information:

Ryan Marnell – Lighthouse Communications Group – 0434 616 894   

About oOh!: oOh! is a leading operator in Australia and New Zealand’s fast-growing Out Of Home advertising industry. We create deep engagement between people and brands through Unmissable location-based media solutions. Our network is unparalleled, with a diverse portfolio of classic and digital signs across roadside, retail, airport and place based media offering in CBD office towers, cafés, fitness venues, bars and universities.

We combine this extensive reach with sophisticated data, industry leading insights and world leading digital innovation, integrating our physical inventory with experiential, social and mobile online channels to provide clients with greater connections with consumers.

About NAB: For more than 150 years, NAB has been helping our customers with their money. Today, NAB has more than 35,000 people serving 10 million customers at more than 800 locations in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. As Australia’s largest business bank, NAB works with small, medium and large businesses to help them start, run and grow. NAB funds some of the most important infrastructure in our communities – including schools, hospitals and roads – and does so in a way that’s responsible, inclusive and innovative.